Rumi’s Lover

You were appear insignificant at first. We talked on and off, sometimes it was just a hi and bye. Nothing special about it.

One day you had a short business trip here, and we agreed to meet up for dinner. I wasn’t expecting anything, neither were you. It was just a casual dinner between two people trying to pass the time. Nothing more, nothing less.

You looked a bit shorter than I thought, and you thought I was supposed to be shorter than you – which I’m not.

Five minutes later, we were quoting Rumi. You were surprised, I was too.
“You like Rumi?”
“Are you kidding me? I love him!”
“Wow! I’m feeling lucky”

And we talked some more. You had a terrible flu, and your voice was almost non-existent. But I managed to understand what you were saying in your cookie monster-y voice. We were completely immersed in the conversation, interrupted by spontanious laugh in between. You are one of the most funniest people I have ever met. I ticked the funny box for you.

And I started to notice you had a contagious smile. There is something about the way your lips curve when you smile. It made me want to smile too.

Few hours later, the waiter told us the restaurant is closed now. And we looked around, and sure enough, we were the only people left. How did it happen? Where did the time goes? Did it play a trick on us?

We then rode a taxi back. You drop me off to my place first, kissed my cheeck, and wave from inside the taxi. I mumbled something about you having a safe flight tomorrow, and wave back.

It was a significant night.


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