I Almost Forgot

I almost forgot how good it feels to fully belong to someone
I almost forgot that I am worth to be someone else’s priority instead of their option
I almost forgot how liberating it is to call someone else’s ‘mine’ without having to think twice
I almost forgot how heart-warming it is to hear someone say, “of course I’ll show you off. You’re not my dirty little secret.” 

And that someone is you.

Thank you for coming into my life.
Please stay.


This is Our Reminder

Whenever we feel like giving up, I want us to stop for awhile and remember this moment. The beginning of our journey.

Everything’s so great. We feel great.

We are always excited about each other’s presence, we are always longing to be in each other’s arms, we are always counting sleeps to our next meet up.

Being in a long distance relationship sucks. We’d jump on Skype or Facetime whenever we can, although sometimes we can’t even talk because we’re both busy with our daily routines.

But that doesn’t stop us.

Being able to glance on the screen and see each other’s face seems enough. Being able to wake up and see our internet connection doesn’t die on us the whole night is a joy.

We are always trying to make each other feel special, in our own way. Be it a cute reminder that pop up on our screen, a spontaneous foot massage, a loving back stroke, or a kiss in the hallway of a hardware store.

When we’re faced with tough times later on, when the rainbows start to fade, and the butterflies stop dancing, I want us to stop for awhile and come back here. To this beginning.

I want us to remember the moment when we knew our heart just click. That we actually want a future together. That we fall in love with each other.

I want us to appreciate all the effort and the hard work in making it happen.

I want us to remember that we are both terrified to get our heart broken again, but decided to take that leap of faith. Because we know it’s worth it.

We are worth it.

And most of all, I want us to remember that we’ve been looking for each other all this while, and we’ve finally made it.

Yes, we’ve made it… We’ve finally found each other.

Well done, us.

Rumi’s Lover

You were appear insignificant at first. We talked on and off, sometimes it was just a hi and bye. Nothing special about it.

One day you had a short business trip here, and we agreed to meet up for dinner. I wasn’t expecting anything, neither were you. It was just a casual dinner between two people trying to pass the time. Nothing more, nothing less.

You looked a bit shorter than I thought, and you thought I was supposed to be shorter than you – which I’m not.

Five minutes later, we were quoting Rumi. You were surprised, I was too.
“You like Rumi?”
“Are you kidding me? I love him!”
“Wow! I’m feeling lucky”

And we talked some more. You had a terrible flu, and your voice was almost non-existent. But I managed to understand what you were saying in your cookie monster-y voice. We were completely immersed in the conversation, interrupted by spontanious laugh in between. You are one of the most funniest people I have ever met. I ticked the funny box for you.

And I started to notice you had a contagious smile. There is something about the way your lips curve when you smile. It made me want to smile too.

Few hours later, the waiter told us the restaurant is closed now. And we looked around, and sure enough, we were the only people left. How did it happen? Where did the time goes? Did it play a trick on us?

We then rode a taxi back. You drop me off to my place first, kissed my cheeck, and wave from inside the taxi. I mumbled something about you having a safe flight tomorrow, and wave back.

It was a significant night.

Crossing the Universe

Somewhere in a parallel universe, I wear your ring, you wear mine. You nag at me for being so messy, and I sulk while trying to organize the chaos I produced. Yes, we still fight – or having arguments, as you always put it, but not the kinds we are having now. We still have insecurities, but these too will be different ones.

We’d cuddle in the sofa numerous nights as you watch your series about the pilot wives thingy while sipping your tea that I made for you. Two table spoon of sugar, dip the tea bag for five minutes, and stir longer than mine.

Around 10 or 11 we’d go brush our teeth and head to bed. We’d kiss good night, and you will read your books while I play my online games before we doze off.

Somewhere in a parallel universe, our life is different. We love each other fearlessly, we are each other’s priority, and I get to see you in your glasses.

There is one thing that stays the same, though.

We still cannot resist each other.

Things I Don’t Write

Photo Courtesy of thousandofdaysforyou

Photo Courtesy of thousandofdaysforyou

My post today will not be about how wonderful it is to be able to spend time with you, nor how special it was for me.

This post will not be about how lovely you are, nor how comfortable you made me feel.

And although I could describe how nice your scent is, how warm your hug is, and how kissable those lips are, this post will not be about all of the above.

No matter how true they are.

Teenage Professional Adults

Blurred my name on purpose

disclaimer: blurred my name on purpose

Today I got a pleasant surprise from you. As if you already knew how terrible today would be for me.

I had endless meetings here and there, hardly eaten anything, terribly dependent on coffee to kept me going. And by 5PM I was already tired, in my worst mood, and super cranky.

Until I went back to my place and saw something on my desk.

A bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers.

My initial thought – that came across my hazy mind, was that someone must have mistakenly put that flowers on my desk. And then I saw the red card. With my name on it.

I was stunned. No one has ever sent me flowers. Yes, in my entire existence that is.

I rushed off to open the card, half panicked half excited because I didn’t know who the romantic sender was. The first thing I saw was your initial. Come to think of it now, I guess I read it the wrong way – bottom to top instead the other way around. But who cares? My endorphin levels skyrocketing to the roof. Nah, the roof is not even high enough.

After unsuccessfully composing myself; read: hysterical, I texted you to say thank you. You were pretty cool about it. How I wish I could read your mind at that exact moment.

“I am a person of action.” I remember you said that in one of our late night conversations. And today, I am impressed. Not only that you are a person of action, but also a person of your word.

And wow… how lucky I am.

Here’s to Another Year

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I just celebrated my birthday a few days ago. In a foreign country, far away from my family, far away from my best-friends, far away from you. I thought it was going to be awful. I’ve prepared to just go to work as usual, and spend my evening in my hotel room, pretend it wasn’t my birthday at all. That it’s not a big deal. That birthday celebration is overrated.

Until one of my local friends called and asked me whether I’m free to hang out after work. Of course I said yes. Better than curl up under my blanket alone.

Apparently, she brought me to a bar in a helipad (yes, HELIPAD! how cool is that?) and threw a surprise party for me along with some of her friends. It was awesome. We then went club-hopping afterwards. The whole night was a blast.

I did think of you, though. Wishing you were there with me. But then I realized, I should probably let that feeling go. No more you on my mind, no more you in my heart. I have to let you go.

So here’s to another year of trying. Cheers.