I Almost Forgot

I almost forgot how good it feels to fully belong to someone
I almost forgot that I am worth to be someone else’s priority instead of their option
I almost forgot how liberating it is to call someone else’s ‘mine’ without having to think twice
I almost forgot how heart-warming it is to hear someone say, “of course I’ll show you off. You’re not my dirty little secret.” 

And that someone is you.

Thank you for coming into my life.
Please stay.


This is Our Reminder

Whenever we feel like giving up, I want us to stop for awhile and remember this moment. The beginning of our journey.

Everything’s so great. We feel great.

We are always excited about each other’s presence, we are always longing to be in each other’s arms, we are always counting sleeps to our next meet up.

Being in a long distance relationship sucks. We’d jump on Skype or Facetime whenever we can, although sometimes we can’t even talk because we’re both busy with our daily routines.

But that doesn’t stop us.

Being able to glance on the screen and see each other’s face seems enough. Being able to wake up and see our internet connection doesn’t die on us the whole night is a joy.

We are always trying to make each other feel special, in our own way. Be it a cute reminder that pop up on our screen, a spontaneous foot massage, a loving back stroke, or a kiss in the hallway of a hardware store.

When we’re faced with tough times later on, when the rainbows start to fade, and the butterflies stop dancing, I want us to stop for awhile and come back here. To this beginning.

I want us to remember the moment when we knew our heart just click. That we actually want a future together. That we fall in love with each other.

I want us to appreciate all the effort and the hard work in making it happen.

I want us to remember that we are both terrified to get our heart broken again, but decided to take that leap of faith. Because we know it’s worth it.

We are worth it.

And most of all, I want us to remember that we’ve been looking for each other all this while, and we’ve finally made it.

Yes, we’ve made it… We’ve finally found each other.

Well done, us.