About Me

Writing is the only way to keep me sane. I need to write to detox my mind as well as my sub-conscious from all the toxins I have been struggle to eliminate. I am 33 at the moment, and a female if that matters.

A few people asked me whether my post are directed to one person. The answer is no. This blog is about my journey in love life, my endless fight with depression, and whatever I’ve been diagnosed with. Some posts are about the EXes, and people I’ve had untitled relationships with — this one is major “Doh”.

Aside from writing, I love photography and looking at nice photos. Please read the rules of the copyright image used in this blog; here https://thousandofdaysforyou.wordpress.com/copyright-image/

I have published two fashion books in my country, Indonesia, in which I won’t put them here for a simple reason. Much as I like writing them, I feel they don’t represent the kind of writer I want to be — great, now I’ll have to stay anonymous after saying it.

I hope you enjoy this blog, and thank you so much for taking the time in reading my post. I do really appreciate it.

PS: You can follow this blog, or like my fan fage here https://www.facebook.com/thousandofdaysforyouOfficialPage, alternatively you can follow my twitter account @thousandofdays, and lastly, should you want to reach me via email, feel free to write me at daysafteryouleft@gmail.com.


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