Crossing the Universe

Somewhere in a parallel universe, I wear your ring, you wear mine. You nag at me for being so messy, and I sulk while trying to organize the chaos I produced. Yes, we still fight – or having arguments, as you always put it, but not the kinds we are having now. We still have insecurities, but these too will be different ones.

We’d cuddle in the sofa numerous nights as you watch your series about the pilot wives thingy while sipping your tea that I made for you. Two table spoon of sugar, dip the tea bag for five minutes, and stir longer than mine.

Around 10 or 11 we’d go brush our teeth and head to bed. We’d kiss good night, and you will read your books while I play my online games before we doze off.

Somewhere in a parallel universe, our life is different. We love each other fearlessly, we are each other’s priority, and I get to see you in your glasses.

There is one thing that stays the same, though.

We still cannot resist each other.


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