Teenage Professional Adults

Blurred my name on purpose

disclaimer: blurred my name on purpose

Today I got a pleasant surprise from you. As if you already knew how terrible today would be for me.

I had endless meetings here and there, hardly eaten anything, terribly dependent on coffee to kept me going. And by 5PM I was already tired, in my worst mood, and super cranky.

Until I went back to my place and saw something on my desk.

A bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers.

My initial thought – that came across my hazy mind, was that someone must have mistakenly put that flowers on my desk. And then I saw the red card. With my name on it.

I was stunned. No one has ever sent me flowers. Yes, in my entire existence that is.

I rushed off to open the card, half panicked half excited because I didn’t know who the romantic sender was. The first thing I saw was your initial. Come to think of it now, I guess I read it the wrong way – bottom to top instead the other way around. But who cares? My endorphin levels skyrocketing to the roof. Nah, the roof is not even high enough.

After unsuccessfully composing myself; read: hysterical, I texted you to say thank you. You were pretty cool about it. How I wish I could read your mind at that exact moment.

“I am a person of action.” I remember you said that in one of our late night conversations. And today, I am impressed. Not only that you are a person of action, but also a person of your word.

And wow… how lucky I am.


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