Road to Recovery: A Week Later

Photo courtesy of Astu Prasidya

Photo courtesy of Astu Prasidya


After staying off of the forbidden three for a week, now my body is starting its own riot against my will to quit the prescribed medications I’ve been taking for the past 2 years as per my doctor’s recommendation. I am still on Sizoril which I take every two days, but on the days I’m not on Sizoril, severe headache and respiratory problem is something I must endure.

It’s just wow.

I mean, I thought when I can set my mind that I want to be free from those drugs, everything will be easy.

Well, It is not.

My body seems to have its own mind and I’m starting to suffer from withdrawal syndrome. Maybe this is why most people are falling into taking the medications again because they cannot function well during this period of time. I have the same problem. It is really hard to stay focus and productive at the time being.

But I refuse to relapse back into taking those medications. I’ve come this far. Those medications were taking my life away and I really don’t want to re-live that path. I am in the midst of reclaiming my life and my freedom back to where its belong.

And they belong to me.

I guess I’m gonna need a lot of perseverance, endurance, and strength. Oh, and luck as well.

A whole lotta luck.


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