I’m the World’s Greatest Fool

Photo courtesy of Astu Prasidya

Photo courtesy of Astu Prasidya

I admit I’ve done a lot of things that hurt you.

To think that you were always tried your best to make me happy and provide intangible things that money can’t buy.

I will never forget those two weeks where you have shown me how amazing you are as a person, while I was there lying helpless in bed from the strong prescribed medication, being heavily depressed and suicidal over someone else. Yes, over someone else. You could’ve just kicked me out and didn’t want to deal with me until I pull myself together again. You could’ve been super angry at me.

But you didn’t. Instead, you took care of me.

Every morning before you went to work, you’d woke up early than usual, cooked breakfast for me, woke me up, fed me, and I went back to sleep again afterwards. On your lunch-break, you’d came home, woke me up again, fed me, and went back to the office. You’ve always went straight home after work because you were afraid I might need to go to the bathroom or something. And you’d fed me again on dinner time.

You did that for TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT.

I was sort of paralyzed from the strong medication. I got fourteen days of medical certification from my doctor, bedridden, and was hardly awake. We didn’t chat, we didn’t go out, but you didn’t mind. You were patiently taking care of me. You never complaint — not even once, you never got angry at me.

And I was a total jerk. I was too blind to see that what I need was standing in front of my very eyes. Instead I was always looking for your flaws. I pushed you away, because I had someone else in my mind and heart.

Until reality slaps me in the face. But then, it was all too late. I’ve let you slipped away. And now I’m paying the price. But I guess I deserve it.

I am truly sorry for everything I’ve done. Every. Single. Thing.

Especially for being the world’s greatest fool.


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