Moving On is Suicidal

Photo courtesy of Astu Prasidya.

Photo courtesy of Astu Prasidya.

I thought I’ve moved on. For various reasons.

Until last night, I had a dream about this person. This particular person whom I thought I have forgotten. The dream was vivid, horrific, upsetting, and making me sick to the stomache even a few hours later as I’m writing this article. And it brought me to this question. Have I really moved on?

I have read a lot of article on how to let go. I still go to my psychiatrist from time to time. I have been taking my medication regularly — except last night, actually because my doctor asked me to reduce my intake. I bought hypnosis apps — A LOT of them, and listen to it every night until I fall asleep to deal with my messy sub-conscious.

And the most important thing for me is, we never see each other anymore. What else can I do? I’m running out ideas on how to move on.

I even don’t know what moving on means anymore.

It’s probably just a myth.


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